OWN Money Services

Transfer Money to Thailand

Super Fast, Convenience, Secure
Receive your fund within 1-2 hrs*

Transfer Rate : "23.20"

@ Transfer Amount $500


OWN Money Services

Transfer Money to Thailand

Super Fast, Convenience, Secure

Receive your fund within 1-2 hrs*

Transfer Rate : "23.20"

@ Transfer Amount $500



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Why Us?


Immediately process your transaction. Your money will arrive the destination within 1-2 hrs.*

Competitive Rate

Better exchange rate than common banks


No Fee, No charge. You will receive full amount.

Easy and Convenience

You can easily transfer your money anywhere, anytime and on anydevices


Safe, secure and trusted


Fully registered with Australian Government

Who are we?

        OWN Money Services has been established in 2010 to provide services for people who want to transfer money from Australia to Thailand. Thai people tend to come to Australia to study and work, and they need to transfer money back to Thailand. However, send money with banks is expensive, inconvenience and take long time. Therefore we decided to start money transfer business which provide cheap, convenience and fast services to our customers.

        OWN Money Services registered with ASIC and regulated with Austrac.

        We provide a range of services to customers which are money transfer from Australia to Thailand and from Thailand to Australia. Our services are easy and convenient and we offer a better exchange rate than banks, free of charge. Importantly, the beneficiary in Thailand will receive the fund within the date of transfer and within 1-2 hrs* if using an online platform. Our support team can speak both Thai and English so feel free to ask us if you need assistant.

        OWN Money Services shop is located at T26 Level 1 Capitol Square (730-742 George Street Haymarket NSW 2000). We have been running money transfer business for more than 12 years and we keep developing and improving our systems and services all the time so that we can ensuer that we always offer the best services to our customers We recently launch the new Online platform www.ownservices.com.au which allow customers to make a transfer 24/7 from any devices such as smart phone, tablet, Laptop and computer. Above all, you will receive the money within 1-2 hrs* if transfer during online operating hours (11.00 - 24.00), if out of the operating hours, you will receive the fund by 12.00 Sydney time.

Thailand Office

        Our Thailand Office is located at 200 Moo 4 Klangwieang WieangSa Nan 55110. There is no front shop to serve walk-in customers. The main purpose is to contact point and support online customers in Thailand.

OWN Money Services Online

       OWN Money Services has launched the new Online Platform for transfer money to Thailand www.ownservices.com.au so that customers will be able to make the transfer by themselves from everywhere and every time especially people who live in remote areas or far away from our front shop. They can use our online platform to send money to Thailand without the need to travel to our shop.

Advantages of OWN Money Services Online.

  1. Can send money every time 24/7.
  2. No Fee or Extra charge.
  3. No minimum amount.
  4. Receive your fund within 1-2 hours*
  5. Track your transfer every time.
  6. Secure and Convenience.
  7. Regulated.
  8. Have front shop running business for 9+ years
  9. Have supports for both Thai and English to help customers go through the process Tel. 0421 998 633
  10. Email confirmation after the money arrive.

Regulated by AUSTRAC


ABN: 72 145 761 646

Australia Office

T26 Level 1 Capitol Square

730-742 George Street Haymerket NSW 2000

Tel. 0421 998 633

Front Shop Hours & Customer Support Hours:

M-F: 11.00 - 19.00

At Prempree Grocery Sa-S: 10.00 - 18.00

Thailand Office

200 Moo 4 KlangWieang

WieangSa Nan 55000

Tel. 0811 627 062

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